Wabano is committed to providing an educational, fulfilling experience for students in a variety of disciplines.  If you are seeking a student placement with us there are 4 phases of the application process.  Please allow adequate time as we review all applicants for the month at the end of each month. 

Phase I

The student is responsible for learning about the programs and services we offer and must identify two programs they would like to be placed with.  The student will prepare a cover letter that includes the following:

The cover letter and resume will be submitted to the Volunteer Program Coordinator for review.   The student will be contacted to continue with the application process and be asked to complete Phase II.

Please note: Applicants will be reviewed on a monthly basis, you will be contacted by the end of the month if you were considered for Phase II.  We thank all those who apply. Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted. As we promote employment equity, we encourage candidates to voluntary self-identify if they are Aboriginal, and/or a member of a visible minority group.

Phase II

The Volunteer Coordinator will contact students selected for an interview.  Interviews will be held with staff member(s) related to the program, as well as the department Director.

If the student placement requires any degree of administrative work to be completed, an administrative aptitude test may be given to evaluate the placement’s ability to perform administrative duties.

A student placement’s suitability is based upon:

If the student is to provide one-on-one care, the Director will assess the competency of the student prior to being permitted to see clients independently.  By completing Phase II, a student placement is not guaranteed. 

Phase III

Once the student placement has been approved, the Director responsible for supervising the student placement will complete the Student Placement Requirements Checklist V24, complete the placement position description and bring supporting documents to the Executive Director for final approval.

Phase IV

There must be a signed letter of agreement between Wabano and the educational institution prior to the student beginning their placement. This agreement will cover the following areas:

The student placement’s supervisor may choose to interview further before accepting him or her.

For more information about student placements contact:

Erin MacDonald
HR Director
(613) 748-0657 ext. 310