The Working Hope Program

The Working Hope program is a counseling program for Aboriginal children and youth 5 – 21 years old.  This program provides child and youth centered counseling based on four core Indigenous values believed to promote resilience amongst Aboriginal children and youth.  These values are Belonging, Mastery, Inter-dependence and Generosity. 


Significance and cultural pride re-established through individual counseling, education, and outreach services. Goal is to reconnect youth with cultural identity and regain a sense of belonging. In this environment the issues of intergenerational trauma and addictions will be addressed



Competence/Life skills taught through nutritional education. Goal is to provide youth with life skills and healthy choices. More specifically, we hope to teach youth the importance of life and sacredness of the body; how to nurture how to protect the environment; the harmful effects of drugs & alcohol and connection with the environment and finally respect and thanksgiving.


Empowering children and youth through Healing & Talking Circles (group sessions). Goal is community development, increased sense of equality, & interconnectedness where embracing one’s community is an essential element of growth & development.


The virtue of reciprocity will be taught through traditional teachings by Elders, along with participation in camps/sweat lodges, & other cultural projects. Goal is to encourage positive contributions to the community, learn traditional values, & the virtue of generosity.

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Ashley Milks
Intake and Crisis Worker
(613)-748-0657 ext. 247

Margo Walsh
Family Systems Navigator

613-748-0657 ext 284

Vanessa Stevens, B.A., M.A. (candidate), RP (Q)
 Walk-in Counselor
(613)-748-0657 ext. 253

Jennifer Gaudreau
Family Therapist

(613) 748-0657 ext. 312

Staci-Ann Loiselle, M.ED, C.C.C
Youth Clinical Therapist
(613) 748-0657 ext. 249

Working Hope for Youth

Elaine Piche
Youth Crisis Outreach Worker
(613) 748-0657 ext. 338


“Rekindling Youth Spirit” – Youth in Transition Program blends Traditional and Western knowledge and helps youth to go through the stages of traditional Native development that they might have missed while in care.  The idea of this program is supporting youth in improving their life and transitioning successfully into adulthood.  The target group is First Nation, Métis youth, ages 16-24 (inclusive) who were deemed Crown Ward in their life time.  The goal of the program under the Working Hope is to support and empower youth in navigating multiple services and transitioning to adult systems of care with ease.  Creating an environment of empowerment…The goal of this program is to re-established cultural pride through individual case management, education, and outreach services.

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For more information, contact:

Sharon Beaudin
Youth in Transition Worker
(613) 748-0657 320