Focus on children and youth

In Ottawa, 38,000 Aboriginal people make up less than 5% of the population, but 30% are homeless. The population is also young – 48% of Aboriginals are under the age of 25. Rates of poverty, suicide, addiction, incarceration and high school drop-out are anywhere from double to ten times among Aboriginal people.  Wabano is reversing these trends, with over 10,000 Aboriginal people using our programs and services each year.

Wabano Youth

This year our focus is on children and youth. In every Aboriginal culture, children and youth form the centre of the community. Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles all have roles in nurturing. Our children represent the future.

Through the generous support of Health Canada, Wabano was able to enhance its dedicated space for youth. The team created a fun, cultural-friendly space, a welcoming environment for children, youth and families.Together with your donations we can reach more of our children and youth with camps, after school support and youth mental health programs.

Together we can create a better future!



About what we do for our children and youth

YouthWe are here for our kids every day with homework help, skill building workshops, fitness activities and drop in services. Your donations help us reach more of our youth.



Youth in transition

youth transition Wabano was selected by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services for a 2 year pilot project to support Aboriginal youth transitioning out of foster care. Other mental health programs include: therapy, emergency crisis services, traditional healing, cultural activites and services navigators.

  • 96 children were seen in individual and group counseling
  • 98 children and youth were seen in emergency crisis  
  • 91 children and youth were seen by mental health outreach and support services


Providing health care for our children and youth

pediatricThe Health Clinic at Wabano focuses primarily on the physical and mental health needs of clients. We have a nurse practitioner with special training in pediatrics that does well baby and well child visits. A pediatrician with a special interest in ADHD holds a clinic twice a month and will see anyone under 16 for health concerns. Aboriginal mothers tend to be young mothers, and Wabano provides obstetrical care from a specialist.   


Why Donate?

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